Simulating slow internet connection

One important measure of a web application is its performance. It is important to check the application performance in slow internet speed. It might be possible that an application is doing fine in high internet speed but doesn’t do well in slow connection. You need to make sure that user experience is not bad in slow internet speed. In Web 2.0, we use AJAX extensively, some time because of high internet speed, we are not able to catch some tricky bugs. For such applications slow internet connection can be good test environment.
To simulate slow internet speed, we can use Fiddler. To setup slow internet speed go to
Rules -> Performance -> Simulate Modem Speed and now capture http traffic. Your Fiddler will act like proxy for your web application and will simulate slow connection speed.

There are few points to remember
1. If you are running your application locally then use your machine name in place of localhost to access web application
2. If you shutdown Fiddler once, and start again then you again need to enable Simulate Modem Speed.

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